Inside the Bitter-sweet Symphony (2), Imogen is visible within Cam’s candle vigil, alongside Fiona because the Maya talks towards the crowd

Inside the Bitter-sweet Symphony (2), Imogen is visible within Cam’s candle vigil, alongside Fiona because the Maya talks towards the crowd

Within the Karma Police (1), she actually is seen brainstorming which have Eli about what to use for his zombie enjoy when Fiona arrives and you can asks him or her what you should do together roomie condition. She’s later on observed in classification together with her if you find yourself this woman is tweeting and you will kisses this lady goodbye.

Inside the Karma Police (2), she comforts Fiona immediately following this lady conflict into group that earlier nights. She now offers their lodging at the lady home, however, Fiona politely transforms on the bring.

She actually is viewed going to Fiona’s attic adopting the break-within the, consoling their and you can letting their explore the girl notebook

Throughout the Lifetime of My life, she actually is appeared in the first scene. The woman is having Eli, and you can demonstrated to haven’t started the lady declaration card yet. She opens it, simply to flunk all of their groups, and then have so you can repeat their elderly 12 months, but cannot give Fiona, saying she won’t damage their nights. Fiona and you can Imogen look at the prom location and you may show a beneficial passionate hug. On Fiona’s loft, she and Fiona get able to own prom whenever Laura Coyne shows up, and states she is toward an airplane alongside Federico, a greatest Italian developer who is dependence on a creator. Fiona was excited while Imogen feels envious, as the she’s going to getting tens of thousands of far. Later within prom, Fiona would go to pronounce prom king and queen and you will a trip regarding Federico comes on Fiona, to which Imogen impersonates Fiona. In the cafe, Imogen, under Fiona’s term appears intoxicated, in the attempts to generate Federico change his mind regarding the Fiona.

Whenever Imogen becomes to prom, Fiona discovers she has the lady cell phone immediately following bringing a call regarding this lady mommy. Fiona next vacation trips up temporarily with Imogen just after studying she impersonates Fiona and you will produces the woman mom telephone call rehab stores. Imogen upcoming was whining on the drawer, whenever Eli and Clare come into and you can proceed to kiss, and so they pay attention to a sobbing Imogen. Clare will leave to talk to Alli given that Eli offers Imogen information regarding getting straight back Fiona’s offer. Imogen goes to the fresh new airport and foretells Federico, exercising the job give to which the true Fiona can phone call your. Imogen goes toward the new attic just to be invited because of the Laura, exactly who states Fiona is training the woman graduation message. Imogen tells the girl mommy the good thing since the Fiona overhears, providing straight back with Imogen. They hug. At graduation, Fiona renders her address on making friends, that the camera pans in order to Imogen. Imogen up coming is away from auditorium, greeted of the Fiona, and you may states they have to breakup. Fiona is actually unfortunate, and you can Imogen says she doesn’t want to hold their into Italy. It display one last hug and you can Fiona treks back into the newest ceremony, giving Imogen one last glimpse. Fiona and you will Imogen prevent towards the a good terminology.

Seasons thirteen

In Summer, Imogen notices you to Adam are bummed you to definitely Becky will be paying this lady summer out from the Florida in the middle of beautiful people. dating misstravel Imogen believes that he and Becky split up and you can Adam says they are reliable for example the woman and you can Fiona. Imogen up coming appears unfortunate and Adam figures out which they bankrupt upwards. Imogen foretells Adam and you will states you to she actually is also bummed due to the woman separation having Fiona. The 2 generate a pact being go camping besties. 

Adam, Becky, and Imogen is at brand new Fefe Dobson performance. Imogen asks Becky exactly what it is for example having her dated girlfriends together with her if you’re this woman is are a life guard from inside the Fl and you will Becky says it’s mostly boys. Imogen all of a sudden states one she sprained the woman ankle and asks Adam to track down their frost. As he is gone, Becky claims one to she’s going to more likely surrounded by hot men most of the june also. She states sure but Adam is the only 1 who is not revolting. Becky next gets doubtful and you will asks if Imogen continues to be into people and you may she states one to she is open-minded just like Becky try. Becky upcoming claims one she most readily useful discover this lady mind for the simple fact that Adam keeps a partner. Next Adam returns having Imogen’s ice and you can Becky begins to make out that have him. Becky requires Adam to see an exclusive area and even though Becky is actually pulling your aside, he converts around and you can thank-you Imogen to have whatever she considered Becky as the the guy gets to make-out along with her. Imogen observe him or her get off as the she stays in the table, searching sad.